Candid: Shopping at Avila Barn

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Shopping at Avila Barn

Memorial Day at Los Osos Valley Memorial Park

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It is never easy when a loved one passes. Knowing they lived a full life and their when memorial is full of happy care-free children — that makes it a bit easier to bear. The added benefit of having the memorial at the picturesque Los Osos Valley Memorial Park on Memorial Day weekend made for even more introspection.
Children Reading Headstones at Los Osos Valley Memorial Park

Marines Corps Memorial at Los Osos Valley Memorial Park

Proposalversary on Catalina Island

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Five years ago I proposed to the love of my life. We celebrated that with a short trip to Catalina Island last week.

Catalina Emerges From The Fog

Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island

Avalon, Catalina Island

The Backfiring Golf Cart at the Edge of the World

Avalon Harbor and the Casino

The Casino on Catalina Island

Catalina Island Panorama (3 shots)

Avalon from the top of Garden to Sky Hiking Trail

Welcome to Avalon

Lilly Was All Smiles

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Lilly With Pigtails

Lilly With Arms Open

Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

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I was privileged enough to be invited to a wedding at a beautiful cathedral earlier this month. Here are a few images from the ceremony and around the Cathedral Basilica of St Joseph in San Jose, CA.

Sleeping Baby in the Cathedral

Wedding Couple Kneel Before Altar

Eric and Abbey

Ring Bearer



Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph